Visits to our clinic are strictly by appointment only!

Gold Coast DBT is part of a network of DBT Clinics providing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open DBT (RO-DBT) programs that have been accredited by the Australian DBT Institute. Gold Coast DBT clinicians have attended Comprehensive Training in DBT and are Credentialed DBT Practitioners.

About us

Gold Coast DBT is a specialised fee-for-service health and wellbeing service providing individualised care for presentations of maladaptive under-control (impulsivity & emotion dysregulation) and/or maladaptive overcontrol (rigid coping and difficulty functioning socially). We deliver DBT & RO-DBT programs while also providing support to families and partners.

Our DBT & RO-DBT Programs

At Gold Coast DBT we offer individual therapy as well as skills classes/groups in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO-DBT). RO-DBT and DBT share a similar name as they both have roots in mindfulness, dialectics, and behaviour therapy. Although the approaches share this connection, they do differ in several ways. Click below to find out more about our services!

Our National Intake & Admin Services

Gold Coast DBT is the head office of the National network of DBT Clinics. Our intake team is led by Dr. Peter King (Clinics Director). Our admin is led by Antonia (Clinics Manager).